She Flew to the Moon is a blog dedicated to my late Gran, who inspires me from the stars to be who I am. 

My Gran giving me the best of hugs.
My Gran and I circa 1992.


Hi! I’m Jen. And that wonderful being in the picture with me is my late Gran. She is the guiding force behind “She Flew to the Moon”. It’s something she always said to me while I was growing up. I have taken her message as inspiration and this blog is my avenue to put my thoughts out into the universe.

I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Endometriosis Warrior, Hypothyroidism Honcho, Infertility Conquerer, Hip Dysplasia Dominator, Mindful Minimalist, and a Fear Facing Mastermind hoping to inspire others through my journey of finding peace within.

I hope you enjoy.


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