Feeling Super Human

Lately I have felt especially super human. No, not superhuman, but super duper human. Mistakes galore. Give me a little breathing room, please. I am making mistake after mistake and being oh so forgetful. I’m never a forgetful person! How dare my mind do this to me. It’s little things, things I just can’t imagine that my mind skipped over, but alas, I AM human. Superbly so, apparently. I know in years past I may have fooled a few or myself by doing a lot at once, always remembering everything there is to remember and being at the top of my game. But now it’s time to take a step back and be ok with making a mistake here or there and I ask for grace. As I work my way through this year of facing fears I have to remember how many obstacles I have already over come. How fulfilled I have let myself be. I am not choosing to take this step back, but my body and mind are asking for it in a manner of force. They are telling me that it’s time to slow down a bit. It’s time to realize that I can do it all and I have done it all and it’s now ok to sit back and breathe and let someone else take over, if only for a moment. Or to take a deep breath and ask for forgiveness in my moments of feeling incomplete, not quite enough, or inadequate. It’s ok to forgive myself instead of think on my shortcomings for days on end. I give my mind permission to let go. I am super human and sometimes superhuman and today I am letting myself know that is perfectly ok. I am going to slow down and breathe in, rub some of my favorite Ortho Ease massage oil on my aching hips and shoulders, and remember that I do not fancy the life of always being busy. I’m going to cuddle my daughter and smell her hair and forgive myself for getting frustrated with her because she’s scared of her new bed. I will pray for peace of heart and peace of mind, as I do every day. 

Feeling Super Human

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